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07/29/2020 Currently we have no puppies for sale. Expect the next litter of puppies at the end of August 2020.




I conduct the preliminary reservation record, please write to me, ask questions and I am always glad to communicate.                                          oluna48@yandex.ru  48oluna@gmail.com

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Litter of puppies will be submitted for reservation after their birth. Photo, video and other necessary information will be provided by me on my website.

A puppy can be taken from Russia at the age of 4 months.

All puppies will have a tattoo and microchip, an international veterinary passport and a veterinary certificate for the export of a puppy from Russia. Puppies have regular examination in a veterinary clinic, a vaccination against rabies and a complex vaccine against infectious diseases, as well as treatment for fleas and mites and de-worming.

Puppy can be delivered to any country in the world.

If you buy a puppy from my kennel then:                  1. You can get yourself a visa by flying to Russia and get a puppy in Moscow, St. Petersburg or Murmansk                                                                    2. Puppy can be delivered to you by your trusted representative or a professional courier for the delivery of animals.


Puppies develop and grow well.

Currently, the puppies are presented for reservation.

Puppies are considered to be reserved after paying the advance and signing a sales contract between my breeder and the future owner of the puppy. As soon as these conditions are met, the reserved puppy is removed from the sale and will be raised to me until the age of  4 months, and also delivered to the airport of St. Petersburg or Moscow for transfer to the owner or proxy of the owner, as well as the courier for delivery to the owner .